Collaborative Partners

Go Goldfields is defined by its partnerships, and collaboration. Work undertaken shows that our collective impact initiative is thriving. The structures that we have in place provide a sustainable environment for continuing to strengthen collaborative efforts. We value our genuine relationships with funding partners who actively engage in the work, our Impact Area groups, and Collaborative Table, all uniting to facilitate social change. We also acknowledge the many valuable community groups, individuals, project workers and supporters, who are not directly referenced here. The Impact Area groups meet regularly to advance the agendas in each work area, being; Children and Families, Youth, Family Safety and Economic Participation.

Our impact work

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The Go Goldfields Partnership has made great strides over recent years in finding ways for its priority areas to be
In my previous blog, I wrote about this year being a year of possibilities, an acknowledgement to the extensive review
The Go Goldfields 2020 Data Pack, made up of four Data Dashboards plus context information, is here. We are proud