The Go Goldfields Youth Alliance aim to improve long term outcomes for our young people, by ensuring that they know they are valued, respected and heard. We work across the youth sector with service providers, schools, government agencies, and community groups to attain this. Together, we strive to achieve our community-driven aspiration of; 

‘Our community celebrates our young people as they reach their full potential.’

Explore the linked activities initiated to achieve these priorities on our local impact initiatives page


Go Goldfields aims to improve long term outcomes for our youth, and works across the youth sector with service providers, education bodies, government agencies, and community groups to achieve this.

We maintain dialogues with health and youth services, schools, businesses, and training providers to address gaps in youth health, wellbeing, and safety.  Go Goldfields Youth Alliance members work collaboratively to co-design solutions and build pathways for our young people. 

The aspiration statement; ‘Our community celebrates our young people as they reach their full potential’ was formed as a result of community consultation, and Go Goldfields strives to make this a reality.


  • ‘Young people feel healthy, safe, valued, equal, connected and able to express their aspirations’;
  • ‘Young people have their health and wellbeing needs met in a timely way’, and;
  • ‘All young people are valued community members who are respected and respect others’.


  • Increased opportunities for youth connectivity (education, school, work, and community); and
  • The service system is designed to meet the needs of young people, including services alignment.

Please refer to our VISION IN ACTION chart above to see how our aspirations inform our 12 month priorities. These priorities are assigned short and medium objectives by our various working groups. The working groups then set linked activities to achieve these objectives.

All of this moves us closer to attaining the original community-driven aspirations that dive our work. None of this is possible without the voices of our community and the collective efforts of our collaborative partners.


The Alliance connects more than 20 health services, youth services, education and training providers and government agencies.  We collaborate on initiatives that address gaps, overcome barriers, and improve outcomes for youth in the Central Goldfields Shire.

We build partnerships to help coordinate interactions between health services, schools and young people in order to support them to link with the encouragement, assistance, and services they need.

We work closely with community to involve young people in leadership and decision making to address barriers, to shape outcomes, and to provide positive experiences based on mutual respect.


Go Goldfields strives to underpin our work with evaluation and strategic learning. We continue to collect data that directly informs our work, to track shifts and to better understand the outcomes of our impact work. This data also assists us to refine our objectives and linked activities.


Youth and Children’s Services Directory for Central Goldfields (YACS)


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