Rearranging the Tables

Over the past six years, the Collaborative Table has brought together passionate people from all parts of the community to govern, lead, and hold the work of Go Goldfields. Members were drawn from across the municipality, and the State. These have included members of the community and business leaders, service leaders, government representatives, peak body, and research institution representatives.

Table members advocated for change within their organisations and circles of influence. They asked the community and colleagues for their ideas and opinions and bring that feedback to the Table. They used their insights and passion to inform the work of Go Goldfields and drive positive change where it is most needed, and desired by community.

For this work, we are extremely grateful, and we thank each and every one of them for their effort and commitment. 

In line with the recent shifts in our work, we are making some subtle but significant changes to our Governance structure.

The appointment of an Independent Chair and moving to a re-focussed Leadership Table will provide the direction in the next phase of the Go Goldfields journey.

The new Leadership Table will bring together executives from service organisations and government departments – who are in the position to change existing systems – to work innovatively and differently alongside community representatives – to address specific needs of the Central Goldfields community. 




These are exciting opportunities to make positive and lasting contributions to our community. 

More than 100 experts, representing the voices of thousands, collaborate through the Go Goldfields initiative. We bring people and organisations together to deliver meaningful, and positive change for our community. We understand that we need to work differently to make a difference.

For further information please call Carolyn Bartholomeusz, Manager, Go Goldfields on 0412 917 100 or email

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