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The Go Goldfields Family Violence Action Group provides the forum for our collaborators to innovate and integrate family violence services and system responses. We elevate the voices of women with lived experience to ensure service providers and decision makers are working collectively to deepen community understanding of the key drivers of family violence. Together, we strive to achieve our community-driven aspiration of;

Everyone lives equally and safely in our community.’

Explore the linked activities initiated to achieve these priorities on our local impact initiatives page.


The Go Goldfields Family Violence Action Group (FVAG) works with a mixture of service providers, the Police and community members to address family violence across Central Goldfields and ensure that family violence is understood to be unacceptable in our community.  This includes ensuring that victim-survivors are listened to, believed and supported and perpetrators of family violence are held accountable.

We aim to build community awareness of the gendered nature of family violence in all its forms and a shared understanding that violence against women is both a cause and consequence of gender inequality. 


  • ‘Family violence offenders are held to account by Police, courts and community’;
  • ‘Women are treated equally and respectfully’, ‘Women are safe and valued’, ‘Women are actively engaged in leadership and public life’; and
  • ‘Community is safe and free from violence’.


(Services Development Working Group)

  • Services have the skills, resources and expertise to address family violence;
  • Services work together, are more coordinated and address service and system gaps; and
  • Key stakeholders are engaged at the table and share a common vision.

(Community Engagement and Empowerment Group)

  • The community takes action and drives change;
  • The community supports gender equity and addresses key drivers family violence;
  • The community are informed and understand key drivers of family violence; and
  • The community are engaged at the table and share a common vision.

(Women and Leadership Group)

  • Women are active leaders in the community;
  • Women drive change;
  • Women are informed and understand the key drivers of family violence; and
  • Women are engaged at the table and share a common vision.

You can refer to this impact area’s VISION IN ACTION chart above to see how our aspirations inform our 12 month priorities. These priorities are assigned short and medium objectives by our various working groups. The working groups then set linked activities to achieve these objectives. All of this moves us closer to attaining the original community-driven aspirations that dive our work. None of this is possible without the voices of our community and the collective efforts of our collaborative partners.


The Go Goldfields FVAG meets bi-monthly and operates to an agreed Family Violence Action Plan that is informed by community consultation. The plan incorporates a Theory of Change model, and three primary working groups each with four key areas with identified priorities as outlined above.

The WOMEN AND LEADERSHIP GROUP is led by the Centre for Non-Violence and membership includes women with lived experience of family violence (the Expert Reference Group), key stakeholders and community groups (such as Women’s networks, Community Houses, Zonta) and women from the community. This group is developing to include more of a gender equality and primary prevention focus and leadership in the community through the development of a women’s network and the delivery of key activities such as; the Marigold Project; 16 Days of Activism; and representation of women’s expertise, developing emerging leaders, and deepening community understanding of this issue.

The SERVICE DEVELOPMENT WORKING GROUP comprises of two focus areas, being Service Development & Coordination andJustice and Accountabilitywhichare co-led by the Centre for Non-Violence and the Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre respectively. We work towards service system change – more responsive, more coordinated, clearer pathways for clients, improved community knowledge of services and supports that are available, building shared knowledge and understanding of the drivers of family violence.  The focus is on building the partnership understanding the shared work and building service capacity through training and development.

These groups include members from the service sector – Anglicare, Maryborough District Health Services, Salvation Army, Asteria, Youth Substance Abuse Service, Maryborough Community House, Loddon Campaspe Centre Against Sexual Assault, Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre, Centre for Non-Violence, Central Goldfields Shire Council and Bendigo and District Aboriginal Co-operative.  Representation from Government includes the Department of Health and Human Services (including Child Protection) and Victoria Police.

The COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND EMPOWERMENT GROUPis led by Rotary and includes membership from Rotary, as well as other community members. This group is leading the behavioural change initiatives Champions for Change Project and #SayNo2FamilyViolence.


Go Goldfields strives to underpin our work with evaluation and strategic learning. We continue to collect data that directly informs our work, to track shifts and to better understand the outcomes of our impact work. This data also assists us to refine our objectives and linked activities.

The development of a Theory of Change for the family violence work, which links to and is consistent with the shared vision of Go Goldfields has helped clarify where different aspects of the work sit and how the work links together and builds over time, working across four areas with a common vision and measurable outcomes.


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  • Fast Facts | ANROWS – Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety

Key facts and figures on topics related to violence against women and their children, including media reporting

Child Protection and DHHS

Plain language guide for parents involved with DHHS Child Protection Services, a collaboration between Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre and the Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability (VALiD) and the Family Inclusion Network Victoria (FIN Vic). Launched locally (15 May 2019) in Maryborough via a Victorian Law Foundation grant to the Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre

Family Violence

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