Economic Participation

The Go Goldfields Employment, Education and Training Action Group works with employment, education, training and work readiness service providers to improve employment and education outcomes in Central Goldfields Shire. By collaboratively addressing barriers to economic participation we can focus on improving future pathways for young people. Together, we strive to achieve our community-driven aspiration for;

 ‘Everyone can learn, earn, achieve and dream.’

Explore the linked activities initiated to achieve these priorities on our local impact initiatives page


Go Goldfields aims to improve long term outcomes in economic participation including employment, education and work readiness, with a focus on improving future pathways for young people. The Economic Participation Impact Area works across employment, education, training and work readiness programs to address gaps, remove barriers, and improve employment and education outcomes in Central Goldfields Shire.

The aspirational statement ‘Everyone can learn, earn, achieve and dream’ was formed as a result of community consultation, and Go Goldfields strives to make this a reality for the whole community.


  • ‘Everyone has a future story with a clear pathway’; and
  • ‘People have the life experiences to help them gain jobs and be active community members’.


  • Align work readiness with employment needs;
  • Build employer understanding of diverse needs and barriers to employment; and
  • Improve opportunities for volunteering and work placement.

You can refer to this impact area’s VISION IN ACTION chart above to see how our aspirations inform our 12 month priorities. These priorities are assigned short and medium objectives by our various working groups. The working groups then set linked activities to achieve these objectives. All of this moves us closer to attaining the original community-driven aspirations that dive our work. None of this is possible without the voices of our community and the collective efforts of our collaborative partners.


The Go Goldfields team creates key partnerships and collaborations across industry, services and the community to work together and achieve progress.  Key partnerships and collaborations have been forged between Go Goldfields and employers, as well as organisations and services. 

We work with more than 40 key stakeholders and partners across the Economic Participation sector, state-wide and within in Central Goldfields Shire.  We connect more than 20 business, education, training, and employment providers – linking young people and the community to create more opportunities and to align the capacity building work of employers, trainers and organisations across the sector. 

This action group collaborates on initiatives that improve work participation outcomes and address gaps. The collaborative work with our partners identifies and bridges gaps in knowledge, skills, and confidence for young job-seekers.


Go Goldfields strives to underpin our work with evaluation and strategic learning. We continue to collect data that directly informs our work, to track shifts and to better understand the outcomes of our impact work. This data also assists us to refine our objectives and linked activities. By checking the numbers of young people in employment and education and measuring year 12 completion rates, Go Goldfields can demonstrate changes and keep track of increasing rates of participation.  The numbers of work placements and volunteering opportunities are also being measured.  This data helps to ensure change can be demonstrated and evaluated.




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