Collective Impact

According to research successful Collective Impact initiatives typically have five conditions that together produce true alignment and lead to powerful results: a common agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and backbone support organization. these five conditions will go through life stages as the site matures.

Go Goldfields uses a collective impact approach bringing community members from Central Goldfields Shire together with leaders from services and government agencies to address complex social issues and improve outcomes for our children and families.

In 2010 a group of service leaders, having worked for many years trying to improve outcomes for local children, young people and families in Central Goldfields Shire, met to discuss how they might do things differently. At that time the shire was the most disadvantaged in the state and the same old ways of thinking and doing were clearly not working. Inspired by a deep commitment to make a real difference in the lives of our community, they formed the Go Goldfields Alliance to find a new way of working together.

In 2014 the Go Goldfields Alliance adopted collective impact as a collaborative approach to drive large-scale social change in the Central Goldfields community, with Central Goldfields Shire agreeing to the significant role of backbone organisation. Since then community members have been coming together with leaders from services and government agencies to address local, complex social issues that have previously proven difficult to fix.

Bringing authentic community voice and influence to the table is critical to the success of our work. This means building relationships based upon trust and tapping into grassroots community networks in ways that benefit the community. Having the service leaders and government decision makers at the table – who are in the position to challenge and change existing systems – is critical so that new thinking and doing can be embedded where it can do the most good.

We welcome and thank the many community members, service leaders, government decision makers and funders that have, and continue to, contribute to; ‘Our community aspiring, achieving and living a full life.’

Go Goldfields E-News

The Go Goldfields Partnership has made great strides over recent years in finding ways for its priority areas to be
In my previous blog, I wrote about this year being a year of possibilities, an acknowledgement to the extensive review
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