Go Goldfields is a place-based initiative addressing complex social issues in the Central Goldfields Shire, Victoria.

Our collaborative approach brings community, business, service organisations and decision makers together to improve outcomes for children, youth and families. ‘Our community aspiring, achieving and living a full life’; is the vision that drives us towards a positive future.


In 2010 a group of service leaders, having worked for many years trying to improve outcomes for local children, young people and families in Central Goldfields Shire, met to discuss how they might do things differently. At that time the shire was the most disadvantaged in the state and the same old ways of thinking and doing were clearly not working. Inspired by a deep commitment to making a real difference in the lives of our community, they formed the Go Goldfields Alliance to find a new way of working together.

In 2014 the Go Goldfields Alliance adopted Collective Impact as a collaborative approach to drive large-scale social change in the Central Goldfields community, with Central Goldfields Shire agreeing to the significant role of a Backbone organisation. Since then community members have been coming together with leaders from services and government agencies to address local, complex social issues that have previously proven difficult to fix.

Our Collective Impact journey is one of learning and striving. Bringing authentic community voice and influence to the table is critical to the success of our work. This means building relationships based upon trust and tapping into grassroots community networks in ways that benefit the community. Having the service leaders and government decision-makers at the table – who are in the position to challenge and change existing systems – is also critical so that new thinking and action can be embedded where it can be most effective.

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The focus of Go Goldfields during 2015 to 2017 was to engage community to speak about what was needed for long-term change, to develop a shared plan of action, to form action groups (or build upon existing networks), and to establish community governance to do the work.

In 2015 Go Goldfields initiated a series of community engagement events (called HATCH) to ensure beneficiaries had a say in the design of the initiative and to encourage community ownership of the initiative. These events brought together more than 300 community members, service leaders, and decision-makers to ‘hatch’ ideas about what was needed for long-term change and to develop a shared plan of action. The HATCH sessions asked; What does the community need to do? What do decision makers need to do? What does the service system need to do? From which some primary themes emerged around respect, listening, combined services, and accountability . 

HATCH participants identified the following areas as priorities for Go Goldfields in 2016 and beyond: children and families; youth; work readiness; language and literacy; family violence and collaboration.

Alongside HATCH in 2015, Go Goldfields supported the establishment of a new leadership group, the collaborative table, to re-distribute power and to share decision making about Go Goldfields with the community. Action groups responsible for doing the work set through the HATCH sessions were also formed and guided by the collaborative table. As with the present governance structure, various working groups and reference groups fed into these action groups.

In 2017 the work readiness and youth groups separated out into two separate areas of work, while the family violence action group was restructured to include four working groups (one for each strategic area of the family violence action plan). More recently the language and literacy domain have been re-aligned across all work areas as conduits for change rather than remaining in their own domain. Some language shifts have also been applied however the priorities of the four impact areas remain the same. que.


The following are the aspirations that came out of our community consultations and still drive our work today;

‘All children in our community are confident, creative, safe and healthy.’ 

  • ‘Children and families actively engage and participate in Maternal Child Health, playgroup, kindergarten and school’,
  • ‘All children experience a positive, supportive family environment’,
  • ‘All children engage and participate in community activities’,

‘Our community celebrates our young people as they reach their full potential.’

  • Young people feel healthy, safe, valued, equal, connected and able to express their aspirations’,
  • ‘Young people have their health and wellbeing needs met in a timely way’,
  • ‘All young people are valued community members who are respected and respect others’,

Everyone can learn, earn, achieve and dream.’

  • ‘Everyone has a future story with a clear pathway’,
  • ‘People have the life experiences to help them gain jobs and be active community members’,

Everyone lives equally and safely in our community.’

  • ‘Family violence offenders are held to account by Police, courts and community’,
  • ‘Women are treated equally and respectfully’, ‘Women are safe and valued’, ‘Women are actively engaged in leadership and public life’, and
  • ‘Community is safe and free from violence’.


Central Goldfields Shire Council is very pleased to act as the Backbone organisation for Go Goldfields and in fact, believes it is vital that it does so. Council’s approach to addressing disadvantage is based around three strongly interrelated platforms – community infrastructure, employment, and economic activity and social change which is being tackled through Go Goldfields. The coordination that a Backbone organisation brings to these pursuits provides real synergy and the Council continues to be inspired by the Go Goldfields work and the outcomes.

Martin Collins
General Manager, Community Wellbeing
Central Goldfields Shire Council

Sandra Hamilton
Manager, Social Inclusion Go Goldfields Youth Facilitator and (acting) Economic Participation Facilitator
Central Goldfields Shire Council

Sharyn Huggett
Coordinator, Children and Families, Go Goldfields
Central Goldfields Shire Council

Position Vacant
Economic Participation Facilitator,
Go Goldfields Central Goldfields Shire Council

Heather Patterson
Family Violence Action Group (Lead – Service Development & Coordination),
Go Goldfields. Centre for Non Violence

Robyn Trainor
Family Violence Action Group (Lead – Gender Equity & Expertise),
Go Goldfields.
Centre for Non Violence

Rob Southgate
Family Violence Action Group (Lead – Justice & Accountability),
Go Goldfields Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre

Raelene Williams
Family Violence Action Group (Lead – Community Engagement & Empowerment),
Go Goldfields. Centre for Non-Violence

Ciel Lindley
Communications and Marketing,
Go Goldfields, Central Goldfields Shire Council

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