Everyone needs a future story and a clear pathway. By valuing the importance of education and work, supporting our young people and encouraging the participation of all members of our community, we can provide a supportive and fulfilling environment where everyone has an opportunity to learn, earn and achieve, and reach their full potential.

Some people may face many barriers to education and employment. The combination of these issues can create complex problems that are not solved easily by the same old thinking. The Youth and Work Readiness Action Group brings together a dynamic team of people including decision makers, services leaders and local people with lived experience, to find new ways we can work together and use our available resources to create positive life experiences for our youth and job seekers.

Through a collaborative approach we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our young people and improve the work readiness of our community. We are committed to identifying where our work can ‘move the needle on key local education and workforce data indicators such as workforce participation, unemployment and year 12 attainment.

The Youth and Work Readiness Action Group is part of an innovative approach to addressing complex social issues and long-term disadvantage in our community. The role of the Action Group is to do the work of the Collaborative Table and act upon our strategies in a meaningful way that is in tune with our community’s desired outcomes. Action Group members participate in meetings each month, act upon our plans and share information between Go Goldfields and the community.

Enquiries: youth@gogoldfields.org  and  workreadiness@gogoldfields.org


Local young people have created a wonderful series of short videos on the theme of hope and aspiration.

The videos are the culmination of several free weekend workshops for local youth with Sydney/Melbourne outfit Digital Storytellers. Participants put in many additional hours in developing their concepts, filming, editing and sharing their stories. The completed videos were screened at a free outdoor Premiere and Awards Night where they were met with much community appreciation and applause.

To view and be inspired by all the videos, including the winners of the Best Film, People’s Choice and Community Inspiration Awards click here!

Or to watch our fabulous Wrap Up film – for the story behind the digital stories – and featuring all of our talented young filmmakers – click here!


Our community celebrates our young people as they strive to meet their full potential. Watch this inspiring video to hear from three local youth who, each in their own way, are doing just that.