Collective impact is a recognised collaborative approach used to to drive large-scale social change. There are different Collective Impact approaches used by organisations. What makes the Go Goldfields approach different, is an inclusive, community informed approach. Ultimately it is not the people working for change who decide its success: it is the service user, the community.

Our community members are our grass roots eyes and ears. They also have the capacity to mobilise grassroots community groups and networks. They work alongside the Backbone team- Central Goldfields Shire – as well as facilitators and service leaders from many external organisations, to ensure a truly collective approach to Go Goldfields.

Representatives from each of these groups meet regularly at the Collaborative Table to exchange ideas, report on initiatives and work together to solve challenges across a number of areas. Though there are multiple Action Groups that sit under the Go Goldfields initiative, each informed by expert reference groups, the overall goal is the same: to create a community where safety, respect, opportunity and equality are accessible to all.

Achieving positive social change in our regional community will take time, however we have already had some major positive outcomes. In 2018 we are focused on moving towards positive change in all areas.


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