Literacy and the Arts are embedded throughout the work we do to improve on outcomes for children, young people and families in Central Goldfields Shire. Go Goldfields Literacy and Arts initiatives are part of an innovative approach to addressing complex social issues and long-term disadvantage in our community.

Literacy and Language

We believe literacy is fundamental and of personal, social and economic importance. Being literate increases opportunities for the individual in all aspects of life. It lays the foundations for lifelong learning and work and contributes strongly to the development of creative and critical thinking, which allows an individual to engage fully in society.

As a community we have a commitment to:

  • Our community having the language and literacy skills needed to support aspiration and create life opportunities. Literacy reaches across and underpins our three key focus areas of Children and Families, Youth and Work Readiness and Family Violence.

Our ideas for change include:

  • Children having the language and skills they need to support aspiration and create life opportunities.
  • Young people having the language and literacy skills to apply to life situations so they can communicate effectively.
  • Women have the language skills needed to express themselves and engage in community and public life, as well as the financial and legal literacy necessary for independent living.

We believe this is our collective responsibility; parents and carers, family, education, service providers, employers and the general community all have crucial roles to play in making this happen. Through this collaborative approach we can ensure positive and lasting change.



Creativity impacts positively on people’s lives. Imagining new possibilities, and learning through experience and from each other, can help develop confidence and problem solving skills. Creative thinking and doing can encourage us to experiment, try new things out and do things differently. We can think outside the box.

Creativity brings people together, valuing individual contributions and differences in a non-judgemental space. It inspires self-expression and enhances the development of communication skills and literacy.

The arts connect us to a creative and culturally fulfilling life that is richer, more empowered and enjoyable.


Learning Starts Early – Talk, rhyme, read and play with your baby every day

For new parents and parents to be.

In these videos local parents give simple and practical tips on enjoying this special time and helping your baby develop their language and literacy. There are also rhymes and songs you and your baby can share together.