Family violence is often a hidden issue. It is time for us to take a stand because we believe that family violence is unacceptable in our community. To ‘move the needle’ on family violence we work to ensure women are treated equally and respectfully, and that their opinions are sought and valued in all aspects of their lives. We advocate for the appropriate resources and services to provide support for victims including children. Perpetrators of family violence are to be held accountable for their actions by the justice system and the community. Together, we are working to ensure community members have the skills and feel empowered to take action against family violence.

The Family Violence Action Group is committed to ensuring that these complex problems are solved with new ways of thinking, drawing on the insights and experiences of community and business leaders, decision makers, and service leaders, and guided by the voices of those with lived experience.

It is through our collaborative approach that together we can make a difference in the lives of children, young people and families and end family violence in our community. View our current Family Violence Strategy and Family Violence Action Plan here.

The Family Violence Action Group is part of an innovative approach to addressing complex social issues and long-term disadvantage in our community. The role of the Action Group is to do the work of the Collaborative Table and act upon our strategies in a meaningful way that is in tune with our community’s desired outcomes. Action Group members participate in meetings each month, act upon our plans and share information between Go Goldfields and the community.



There is much to do to realise our shared goal of making sure family violence is unacceptable in our community and everyone lives equally, safe and free from all forms of violence. Many deeply committed community members and organisations have come together to define 4 key outcomes to help us reach our common agenda.

Watch the videos below to hear from some of the people working on each outcome and how our shared efforts might bring about real and meaningful change in our community.


Women are treated equally,respectfully and their expertise valued and sought.

The Family Violence Expert Reference Group is a group of local women with lived experience of family violence who are advocating for women to be treated equally, respectfully and their expertise valued and sought. They are currently working on the Marigolds community arts project  to promote messages of hope, recovery and a brighter future free from violence.

Watch this video to hear from a member of the Expert Reference Group on the value of including the voices and insights of women with experience of family violence in our work together, to address some of the underlying myths and stereotypes that act as barriers to change.