The Collaborative Table is committed to improving outcomes for children, youth and families in Central Goldfields Shire.  The Collaborative Table uses new ways of thinking and doing things in order to ‘move the needle’ on complex, long-term social issues impacting our community.

Collaborative Table members are drawn from our community and business leaders, as well as key decision makers and service leaders, and are guided by the voices of our children, young people and families. Members bring together their collective will, insight, experience, networks and resources in order to drive real change where it is most wanted and needed.

The Collaborative Table is part of an innovative approach to addressing complex social issues and long-term disadvantage in our community. The role of the Collaborative Table is to develop and oversee Go Goldfields strategies in order to create the outcomes our community desires. Collaborative Table members participate in monthly meetings and ask opinions of others in the community to inform Go Goldfields strategy development.



Collaborative Table member and Senior Education Improvement Leader at the Department of Education and Training – Ben Johnstone-McCloud – on some of the innovative work possible as a result of collaborative relationships formed at the Table. To hear what Ben has to say, watch his video here.

“The Collaborative Table is crucial to the work of Go Goldfields which aims to increase opportunities in life for our children, young people and families. For the first time key decision makers and local residents regularly come together in a forum where we can collectively plan for our positive future. At the Collaborative Table local people have an equal voice which is heard by those who can affect policy change. This creates an opportunity for our community to influence and direct key decisions and collaborate on new ways to address some of the complex social issues that we face. Through this important work our community is taking control of its future.”
David Sutton, Principal, Maryborough Education Centre