The premiere gala was so exciting. The red carpet, sidewalk stars and the limousines made the night spectacular. The films were outstanding. They were technically sophisticated and so was the story writing. Watching the films on the big screen in such a luxurious theatre was an amazing feeling.

The Shortflix Festival has been a hugely successful project for the community. The young people involved have been given the opportunity to work with experienced film makers using professional equipment with access to industry ‘know how. The end results of their endeavours, as screened at the Paramount Theatre on the weekend, was nothing short of brilliant.

Above all else, the young film makers have had the opportunity to tell their own story and film it in their own town. I was moved and touched by the films, as they afforded me the opportunity to see familiar street and landscapes from new angles, which was akin to seeing them with a set of new eyes. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all involved.