It’s always good when our initiatives align with the national agenda: it reinforces our message and makes it easier to involve more people.  You might recall that last November, Go Goldfields launched ‘30 Days of Safe and Loved,’ a campaign to remind us all of the importance of putting child welfare at the heart of the community. A recent press release from NAPCAN – the National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, highlighted this issue, reminding us all to

“Smile, listen, be present, be kind; because the little things you do today make a difference.”

NAPCAN challenges all Australians to ‘value, respect, and believe children’…

As well as reinforcing the Children & Families message, this is significant because Central Goldfields Shire Council is currently currently working on a pioneer programme to create a Child Safe Organisation.

For more information about this or any aspect of Go Goldfields’ work with Children and Families, please contact Sharon Huggett 0408158143