Children & Families Action Group

Children in our community are confident, creative, safe and healthy.

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Youth & Work Readiness Action Group

Our community celebrates our young people as they strive to reach their full potential.

Our community supports everyone to learn, earn and achieve.

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Literacy & Arts

Our community has language and literacy skills to support aspiration and create life opportunities.

Arts are embedded throughout our work to improve outcomes for children, youth and families.

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Family Violence Action Group

Family violence is unacceptable in our community.

Everyone lives equally, safe and free from all forms of violence.

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News and Events

The Shortflix Festival review

The premiere gala was so exciting. The red carpet, sidewalk stars and the limousines made [...]

It’s always good when our initiatives align with the national agenda: it reinforces our message [...]

One day to go ’til 30 days of Loved and Safe begins!

Look out tomorrow - 1 November -  for our first fun family activity posted as part [...]

All our children deserve to be Loved and Safe!

There was lots of support at the 30 Days of Loved and Safe campaign launch at [...]